Your CV

A CV is a summary of your skills, experience, and education. Some employers get you to complete an application form, but others ask you to send in your CV. You can also use a CV for "speculative applications" – this means writing to a company that you would like to work for even if they have not advertised a job.

Just so you know, "CV" stands for "Curriculum Vitae", which means "the course of your life". But most people just use "CV" for short.


Change your CV so that you highlight things relevant to the job you are applying for.

A CV is your personal marketing tool. It gives you the chance to "sell yourself" to potential employers. Your aim is to get an interview. So use your CV to highlight your strong points.

Whoever you are, whatever your age, and whatever your work experience (even if you have none) – you will be able to write a strong, positive CV. You can use all the things you do and have done, like voluntary/community work, part-time jobs, hobbies, sports, school activities, helping people, and things you do at home.

On these pages we will tell you what to include in a CV and show you an example CV. We will give you some tips for writing a good CV and how to adapt it for different jobs. We also have some useful internet links to help with CV writing.

Last updated 14 February, 2018