About me

To start with, think about yourself.

What do I like? What am I good at? What is important to me?

  1. Interests: school subjects, hobbies, other things you spend time on
  2. Skills: things you are good at and things you have learned – at school, on work experience, from your hobbies, in paid or voluntary work
  3. What is important to you: which interests and skills you would like to use in a job

What do I not like? What makes me unhappy?

For example:

  • Being on your own – or being with people?
  • Doing the same kind of work all the time – or doing lots of different things?
  • Being near home – or getting the chance to go to different places?
  • Working in an office – working outside – working with your hands?

Useful websites

Here are some internet links that will help you to answer these questions:

National Careers Service – Skills health check
Here you can answer questions and do activities that will help you decide what kind of job would suit you.
Open University – About you
The Open University careers site has information for anyone wanting to explore their career ideas. In this section you will find lots of activities to help you think about what is important to you and what work skills you can offer.
My World of Work – My career options
This section of the Scottish "My World of Work" site includes some short articles to get you thinking about exploring career options and the job market. There is also a quiz to explore your strengths (sign-up needed).
Barclays - Life skills
Careers site from Barclays Bank. Contains useful information about getting to know yourself, as well as other hints and tips about getting a job.

Last updated 14 February, 2018