Before the interview

Getting there

Make sure you know exactly where you need to go and what time you need to be there. Check on a map or on the internet if you need to. The company may send you a map and details of how to find them by train, car, bus, and so on. If they don’t and you are not sure how to get there, telephone and politely ask for details. Have a pen and paper handy.

Plan your journey the day before or even earlier. Decide how you will travel there and, if you are using public transport, check timetables. If the interview is in an area you do not know very well, practise the journey a few days beforehand.

Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview.


Plan ahead: how you will get to the interview and what you will wear.

What to wear

Choose clothes that suit the type of work and fit in with the organisation’s image. For example, if you are applying for an office job, wear dark trousers/skirt and a smart blouse/shirt. If you are going for an interview in a sports centre, you can wear smart casual clothes.

Whatever you wear, you need to look clean, neat, and tidy. Get your clothes ready the day before. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, you might need to remove piercings and cover up tattoos.

Telephone interviews

If you have a telephone interview, you clearly do not need to plan your journey. But you need to plan where to make the telephone call: make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.

A telephone interviewer will not see you, where you are, or what you are wearing. But you might still want to dress smartly. Sit in an upright chair at a table, and have paper and a pen so that you can take notes. Chances are that, if you feel professional, you will sound professional.

As with a face-to-face interview, it is a good idea to practise before a telephone interview – over the phone, of course.

Last updated 13 November, 2014