After the interview

At the end of the interview the interviewer will tell you what happens next. Sometimes the next step might be a second interview for a smaller number of applicants. If not, then the next step will be to tell you whether or not you have got the job – either by phone or by letter/email. Sometimes you might find out straight after the interview or later that day. But usually it takes a few days.

If the employer wants to offer you the job, they will tell you or write to you. They will also let you know what happens next: when you start, what you need to do, and so on. You may need to write back to confirm that you accept the job.

If the employer does not offer you the job, try to find out why. This may help you to do better next time you have an interview. Contact the interviewer and ask politely about how you did and what you could have done differently.

Make a note of their feedback. Think about any questions you did not answer well – what could you say next time? Also make a note of especially good answers you gave, so that you can remember these for your next interview. What else could you have done to prepare? Most importantly, stay positive and keep trying.

Last updated 13 November, 2014