Example action plan

This example action plan breaks down the main headings to include more detailed information. This can help with doing job applications.

My action plan

Name: Robin Peters

Date: 1 June

1. Where am I now?

  • Waiting to get GCSE results, hoping for B-C grades
  • Working in a temporary part-time job in a builders' yard
  • Applied to several local building companies for apprenticeships
My achievements, skills, interests, experience, and leisure activities
  • GCSE maths has taught me how to make calculations and take measurements.
  • GCSE design technology has developed my practical skills. I have used tools, and I can read drawings and plans. I enjoyed the subject and would like to do work using these skills. Studying for GCSEs has prepared me for further study and shows my ability to do it.
  • Work experience: I am currently working part-time in a builders' yard. When possible, I help with serving customers.
  • Practical experience: I am helping my father (a builder) to build an extension at home. I have talked to a family friend who works as a bricklayer on large construction sites about his typical working day.
  • Leisure activities: I make things in a workshop at home, for example picture frames. I have built a small pond and made simple garden furniture. I keep fit and active by running with a local running club.
My personal characteristics

Self-reliant: I am able to work on my own. I have completed individual projects for design technology at school and in our workshop at home.

Well-motivated: I visited several builders’ merchants to hand out copies of my CV. I filled in five application forms to get my current part-time job which is giving me relevant work experience.

2. My aim(s)

To train in a building trade – ideally bricklaying or carpentry. I would prefer to do an apprenticeship, but I am happy to take work with on-the-job training.

My second choice is to do a construction skills course at college.

Qualifications, skills, and personal characteristics needed:

  • Use hand tools
  • Read drawings and plans
  • Take measurements and make calculations
  • Be good with hands
  • Have a talent for understanding how things work
  • Be polite when dealing with customers
  • Be able to study and learn about building methods
  • Have a responsible/reliable approach to work
  • Be fit and active and not frightened of working in confined spaces or at heights
  • Be able to work with others and alone

3. How will I get there?

Next steps
What: Who can help: By when: Completed:
Attend interview at Huddersfield College for general construction skills course as back-up   1 Jun 1 Jun
Search online for apprenticeships and apply   ongoing  
Update CV   1 Jul  
Search and apply for jobs in local newspapers   ongoing  
Contact 20 local building companies to ask about apprenticeships or work Father 15 Aug  
Visit the 20 local companies if poss. or send CV   ongoing  
Identify organisations or companies that might offer jobs   ongoing  
Contacts made
Company, contact name, contact no.: Date: Details: Follow up:
Sources of information
  • Huddersfield Technical College
  • Apprenticeships website
  • bConstructive
  • Yellow Pages/internet for local companies


Review Date: Late August, when I have exam results

Last updated 23 February, 2017