Planning your career

On these pages you will find lots of information and advice to help you with planning your career.

If you are just starting to think about your career choices, we suggest that you visit the sections one after the other, in the order shown here. This will help you to follow a step-by-step route: think about your ideas – plan your next steps – take your next steps.

If you already have clear career ideas, just visit the sections that sound useful to you right now. In each section we include internet links to give more details or tools.

  1. You and your career: working out what you are good at and what jobs you might enjoy
  2. Action planning: making career decisions and planning your future
  3. Your CV: writing a summary of your skills, experience, and education
  4. Job search: finding jobs to apply for
  5. Applying for jobs: finding out more about jobs and different ways to apply
  6. Application forms: how to fill in application forms
  7. Job interviews: how to do well at job interviews

There are many websites on the internet that can help you with your career plans. See below for a list of sites we have found useful.

You will see that each of these sites covers similar career topics. You do not have to spend lots of time looking at each one. We suggest that you find one that you like, then explore its various sections and links, and use some of its tools and activities.

Take notes as you go along. This will make it easier to remember your thoughts and ideas, and you can use them when you write your CV, when you look and apply for jobs, and to prepare for interviews.


Take notes as you visit different websites. This will make it easier to remember your thoughts and ideas.

Useful websites

National Careers Service
Here you will find lots of advice and tools to make career decisions and plan your next steps.
Careers Northern Ireland
Lots of information, mostly aimed at young people, to help with career decisions and finding work and training.
Careers Wales
This site contains lots of general information and tools to help with career choices and planning. Most of the information applies outside Wales as well.
This Scottish website has a lot of general information to help with finding and applying for jobs.
Open University – Career planning
This site is aimed at Open University students, but has lots of general information that will help anyone who is making career decisions and plans. Includes videos, articles and activities.
This part of the Monster job search site gives careers information and advice about jobs search, CVs, interviews. It also has a series of short videos covering these topics.
This site includes a wide range of articles and tips about CV writing, job search, applications and interviews. The information is all free to access (but the advertised services are not).
Reed career advice
This site belongs to the recruitment company Reed. The careers section has user-friendly and useful information about lots of different aspects of finding work.
What will they ask?
This site gives information about CVs, job search and applications, and interviews.

Last updated 23 April, 2018