Coastguard watch officer

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Background information about coastguards watch officers and assistants.

Maritime Skills Alliance

Useful information about jobs at sea and in the boat and shipping industry.

National Coastwatch Institution

A voluntary organisation that runs coastwatch stations around the UK coastline.

Yachting Monthly

A sailing magazine. The website has some news and articles available to read online.

Seafarer News

A maritime magazine published by the Marine Society & Sea Cadets.

Marine Society & Sea Cadets

A maritime charity created following the merger of the Marine Society and the Sea Cadet Association. The Marine Society provides distance learning courses for people who work at sea. The Sea Cadets is an organisation for 10-18 year olds where they can learn to sail and gain other skills.

For lots more information about this job, including salaries, skills, training, videos, and pictures, see Jed, the Job Explorer Database.