Job Explorer DatabaseJed, the Job Explorer Database

Jed, the Job Explorer Database, is a popular subscription product from Careersoft. It is used in hundreds of schools, colleges, and other places throughout the UK. Jed provides comprehensive independent and impartial information about hundreds of careers. It is produced by the Careersoft team. The information you see on the Careers Gateway is just a very small part of what goes in to Jed.

Jed has information on over 850 careers (2500+ job titles). For each career, Jed has:

  • Details about what the job is like and what it involves.
  • Notes about when and where people do that job, and who they work with.
  • Information about salaries, progressions, and trends.
  • Comprehensive information about training and qualifications useful for this job, and suggestions for work experience.
  • Notes about how this job might suit you, based on information you have told Jed about yourself.
  • Links to sources of further information about this job. Like the information in the Careers Gateway, but more links, and also information about where the jobs are advertised and notes on where to find this job in your careers library.
  • For many of the jobs there are also pictures showing what the job is all about, and video case studies showing people at work doing that job.

Jed also includes a popular and easy-to-use quiz, to help students as they explore career options and think about what will and won't suit them.

Jed is available on subscription for schools, colleges, advisers, and advice centres in the UK. For a typical secondary school, the subscription cost for Jed works out at about 20p per student per year.

If you have used Jed and have an Access Code, you can Sign in to Jed now. If you're a careers professional and would like to evaluate or purchase Jed for your establishment, please see the Jed information on the Careersoft website.


last updated 9 January, 2020