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Wondering about going to university? What to study? Where to go? Higher Ideas can help.

Higher Ideas is a popular subscription product from Careersoft. It is used in hundreds of schools, colleges, and other places throughout the UK. Higher Ideas provides independent and impartial information about thousands of course choices at hundreds of universities and colleges. It is produced by the Careersoft team. The information you see on the Careers Gateway is just a very small part of what goes in to Higher Ideas.

Higher Ideas makes suggestions for you to explore, based on what you like, what you're studying now, and what you'd like to do. Discover degrees and other higher education courses that match your interests. Find the best choices for your career ideas. Let Higher Ideas suggest courses that follow on from what you are studying now.

Higher Ideas contains details of over 37,000 courses at over 600 institutions. In order to help you make sense of them all, Higher Ideas groups them into areas of study. For each study area, Higher Ideas gives you information about:

  • What this study area is all about
  • The sorts of things that students of these courses study while at university
  • Pointers for helping you choose between the different courses on offer
  • Notes about the kinds of careers that graduates on courses in this study area go on to do
  • Listings of which courses are available in this study area and where they are offered
  • Typical grades offers for courses
  • The actual grades that students got before starting the course
  • They types of employment that students go into after the course
  • Details of the sorts of joint-honours combinations you can do these courses in if you want to
  • Lots of ideas for similar sorts of courses to investigate

Higher Ideas helps support students at various decision-making stages in their education, including:

  • Sixth-form choices for degree courses and universities
  • Y11 choices for what A-levels to do, so that you have qualifications in the right subjects when it comes to applying for degree courses
  • Y9 choices for Y10-11 GCSE subjects, so that you have the options you want for A-levels and beyond

Higher Ideas also contains factsheets on a wide range of topics.

Higher Ideas is available on subscription for schools, colleges, advisers, and advice centres throughout the UK. For a typical secondary school, the subscription cost for Higher Ideas works out at less than 20p per student per year.

If you have used Higher Ideas and have an Access Code, you can Sign in to Higher Ideas now. If you're a careers professional and would like to evaluate or purchase Higher Ideas for your establishment, please see the Higher Ideas information on the Careersoft website.

last updated 9 January, 2020