The information contained in the Careers Gateway is carefully researched and thoroughly checked. However, despite the efforts of the publishers, the information it contains may be out of date, not applicable to your situation, or just plain wrong. Any information from the Careers Gateway should be checked and verified before making any decision based on it. Do contact us with any corrections, suggestions, or comments.

We make no promises about the content of the external sites that we link to. We are not responsible for their content, and we cannot guarantee their suitability for any purpose. We do not necessarily endorse any views expressed in websites that we link to, and we do not make any claim about the accuracy of any information that they contain.

Make your own checks to confirm that any information is correct before acting upon it.

Whatever your source of information, think to yourself:

  • When was it written? Some information can be valid years later, but other information dates rapidly. Consider carefully how old the information is and whether it is still relevant.
  • Who is saying this? What are their qualifications, and what experience do they have of the subject?
  • Who is paying for gathering and writing this information? There are no free websites or publications – only websites or publications that are paid for by someone else.
  • Why are they saying this? If someone has gone to the trouble of creating a publication or making a website, they must have had a good reason to do so. Understanding their motivation helps you when trying to assess information for quality and viewpoint.

Finding information is often the easy bit. Finding information that is reliable, understandable, and easy-to-use can be much harder. See the about us page for more about how Careersoft aims to help by providing independent impartial careers information, researched and delivered by qualified experienced careers professionals.

last updated 13 November, 2014