About us

The Careers Gateway is brought to you by Careersoft.

Careersoft exists as an organisation to help people to:

  • Think about what they want to do with their life
  • Find out about opportunities in education and employment
  • Plan for the career they want
  • Do the things now that are necessary to achieve what they want later

The Careersoft brand was established in 1984. Since then Careersoft's quality independent and impartial careers information has been made available to hundreds of thousands of young people and adults throughout the UK.

Careersoft is an independent publisher, specialising in careers education and information. The information in our products comes from a team of careers experts with postgraduate qualifications in careers guidance. Our experts all have current face-to-face experience of working with people to help them make good choices for training and employment.

Resources for careers information and education is all that we do, and we are funded only by our subscribers. With no advertisers to answer to and no Government or special-interest groups pulling the strings, Careersoft is a truly independent and impartial source for careers information in the UK.

The information you see on this site is gathered by Careersoft's team of careers professionals. It is carefully checked and continuously updated, and is a small part of what goes into our subscription products like Jed, Higher Ideas and businessmaker+.


last updated 14 February, 2018